What is specialized knowledge and will it help you provide food on the table for your family?

About Your Instructor: Engr. Edwin Pineda is known as the most sought after mobile technician instructor in the mobile repair industry. He has helped people increase their income on the side or start their own business repairing cellphones. He is a licensed Electronics and Communication Engineer (ECE) and has more than 10 years of experience repairing all kinds of cell phones. He specialized in repairing smartphones including Android, iPhone and iPad. He believes that the shortcut to success in life is by having Consistent and Unlimited High Income Skills!!!

Kahapon ako nag hatid sa school sa pangalawa kong anak na si James. iPinanganak si James ng with normal body features. Hindi mo aakaling may problem sya. Later lang namin na laman nung 7 years na sya, nabubulol at hirap mag salita ng mga letters r,s,t at napansin namin na parang hirap syang makipag socialized with other kids kaya pinatingin namin sa doctor. Yung doctor ay specializing sa mga batang may problem ng katulad kay James. After an hour of questions and answer with the doctor nalaman agad namin sa…

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