Can You Make P200.00 In Less Than A Minute As A Mobile Technician?

200 pesos in less than a minute

Hi! In this video training I’m going to share to you if it is really possible to earn P200.00 in less than a minute even without gadgets and software and only using a simple trick that you can memorize in a seconds.

Yesterday a customer came into my cellphone repair shop and ask me If could remove the security lock on his phone.  My answer “Yes sir we can do it”.

The problem is he could open the phone and see the menu’s but he could not open the inbox and some functions of the phone because it was locked.

His unit is a Samsung keypad phone.  In my mind this was easy peasy because I know that if I just enter the special code for Samsung I could reset it to its factory settings.

I ask P200.00 for fee for service and the customer agrees and with a few keystrokes using this code *#2767*3855#,  the phone reboot and now it is back in the factory settings.

He can now access the inbox and all the features of his phone. He was very happy and with a smile handover me the service fee.

That’s it.

In less a minute I was able to make P200.00 with less time and less effort only with simple tricks I have memorized in a few seconds.

How much time do you spend in your work to make money?

If you are working for someone like for example in a corporate world you will earn a minimum wage  as mandated by the law.

Would you like to earn more than that?  In our cellphone repair career we can earn more than a minimum wage. But, only and only if you have the right skills needed to make it happen.

We have time freedom and we are not wasting time to stay in a cubicle where we have to wait from 8am-5pm everyday before we could go home.

If you want to earn money as per your skills and not at the mercy of your boss you can start with our online training.

But, if you want to speed up your learning you can train in my cellphone shop just send me an SMS or call me so we could schedule your training.

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