Cherry Mobile Astro Hard Reset

This is my first time post about hard reset and to give you a quick definition, it is a way to revert the phone settings to its factory setup just like the first time you bought the phone.

You can start making money by providing this kind of service.  The good thing about this repair is you don’t need any gadgets.

All you need is internet connection if you don’t know the key combination, but once you have done this twice or thrice you’ll have almost an autopilot way of removing pattern lock, hang or code using hard reset.


Press power on and immediately press volume down.  After that see if the the astro logo appears on the screen then release the power button.

Next an android logo will appear on the screen.  This time you’ll have to find which button will show the menu screen.  Start pressing power, volume down and volume up.

When the menu appears select the format and press power button to perform the reset.

Finally select reboot button and now the phone will restart and proceed to initial setup.

astro hard reset

astro hard reset

astro hard reset

astro hard reset

astro hard reset

Source: Astig84 of GsmKnight Forum

That’s it.

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  1. Fuentes, Mikael Salazar

    Thank you very very much. This save my life from my brother who’s about to spank me ‘coz I my prank (setting his phone password randomly) gone wrong. Thank you very much!

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