What are the tools and equipment you’ll need to set up your own cellphone repair service center?

cellphone repair tools and equipment

In a typical cellphone repair shop there are two main services we provide to our customers. They are hardware repair services where in we need to disassemble the phone and repair or replace the defective component inside the cellphone. and the second one is the software repair services where in we need to hook the cellphone to the computer so we can fix any software problems or issues which casuses the cellphone to malfunction. So what are the tools you need to fix any hardware problems? Basically here are the…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Analog and Digital Multimeter

In our today’s training I’m going to make a comparison between analog and digital multi-meter. I’ll show you the difference between the two if you decide one over the other in repairing cellphones and gadgets I will teach you how the two works when reading Voltage and Resistance since these two are the most common measurement we need to know. Let me start with Analog Multi meter. Voltage: When reading voltage you will need to select between AC and DC voltages. Next you will have to choose the range of voltage. Finally you…

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