Ways Students Can Raise Money To Help Themselves While Studying

ways students can raise money to support their studies

Most of our Filipino students were born with no wealthy parents and so as students you must help yourself in supporting your studies.

Students must find every possible ways to save money and so in this video I shared to you a picture where students can actually eat a meal at a very affordable price.

We call it these days as “bentelog”.

I ate it yesterday. It was fun and you will look “sosyal” because you will eat on a sizzling plate and the price was so low.

My background:

I was raised by a single parent my Mommy Luz.

Her ways for supporting our family is by selling vegetables here in Blumentritt Palengke.

I started helping her when I was in High School.

There were 6 of us she was feeding and it’s so hard to do it when you are a single parent.

I even felt the burden when I got in College.

Good thing I was accepted as scholar in City College of Manila now called as UDM.

Watch the video here:

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