What are the process and steps needed to undergo in establishing this kind of business?

What are the process and steps needed to undergo in establishing this kind of business

Starting cellphone repair business can be challenging but because
of its low startup capital and high profit margin it’s no brainier not to accept the challenge right?

I started my cellphone repair business from home. I could say that
I had great profit back then even if it was only my sideline income.

As I continue to enhance my skills in business of cellphone repair, I
noticed that there is a big opportunity if I make it my full time business.
So,  here I am a full time cellphone repair technician and a business owner
of my own cellphone repair shop.

So what are the things you need to start this business?

First and foremost let’s start with the legal matters.

Business Name – You need to have a business name. You can secure this
business name through Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). You can apply for your business name actually
there are many business centers now in the Philippines where the papers you
need to starting your business is in one place.

I got my business name in a business center in Divisoria.

About the name, you can combine your name and type of your business.  The DTI representative will scan its database if you have no duplicate name in their computer then you are done with your business name.

For example : Jigs Cellphone Repair

For me I have chosen : JigsNeth Cellphone Repair

It’s the combination of my pen name Jigs and my wife’s name Jeannette and the type of our business Cellphone Repair.

Barangay Clearance – This is a also prerequisite if you are going to start
your mobile repair business. You simply go to the Barangay headquarters where your
business will be located. Ask the Chairman for the requirements and procedure.

NTC License – Next you will have to prepare your
certificate of competency that you graduate a course in mobile phone repair training school.
Go to NTC and ask about your licence to operate as a mobile technician.

This is very important because you can’t operate without this licence from National Telecommunication Commission (NTC). This government agency regulates all the cellphone repair shop in the Philippines.

From time to time they go around and check if there’s any cellphone repair shop
operate without NTC license so be sure to secure this before you receive phones for

Cedula – This is important for the lease of contract and the application for the
business permit

Lease of Contract – This is piece of paper certifies that you are renting a space.
It is notarized and sign by you and the owner of the place or the bldg. you are renting.


Mayors Permit – Bring all the requirements I mentioned above to your Municipal Hall.
From there you will be ask to fillup an application form for a business permit.

at the City Hall you will pay another fees like zoning and insurance.

Be sure that you always bring money because all the permits you are accomplishing are
with fees.

Reminder: You should accomplish all your permits before you start or operate your business.
Local government specially the City Hall bureau of permits usually go around places to check
any business operating without permits.

If you are caught, you will be fined for a violation of maximum of two years paying for
all the obligations as business owner for not accomplishing all the permits before operation,

Business Operation Matters

Now that you have all the papers you need to start your business, let’s talk about what to
put in your repair shop.

cellphone repair business accessories

Cellphone Accessories – You need to have a sliding glass shelves to showcase your accessories.
For example: Simcards, Memory Cards, Cellphones, Batteries, chargers Etc.

Be creative as to how you will display all your accessories for sale.

cellphone repair business working table

Repair Table – You will need a computer table and a working table for processing all the cellphone for

repair. This is what I like about this business. I don’t need a very large table to fix cellphones

because phones are usually small and it only requires minimum space to repair it.

cellphone repair business leds for marketing purpose

Bonus: Put some LED’s light for attraction and tarpaulin.

In this way people who pass by your shop will noticed and remember you.

When they have problem in their cellphones they will easily remember you and will
go to your shop for mobile services.

Skills – You have your permits, locations but what about your skills. You will not succeed
in your business repairing cellphones if you can’t convert all the repairs into money.

You should prepare yourself repairing hardware and or software repair problems. In this way
you are not passing by the chance of making money repairing cellphones.

If you think you are not ready that’s is what I help people with.

I can help you to learn how to repair cellphone at the shortest possible time through our onsite and cellphone repair course online.

If you need help you can simply contact me.

That’s it.


What you need:

1. Business Permits
2. Location
3. Skills

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Engr. Edwin Pineda is known as the most sought after mobile technician instructor in the mobile repair industry.

He has helped people increase their income on the side or start their own business repairing cellphones.

He is a licensed Electronics and Communication Engineer (ECE) and has more than 10 years of experience repairing all kinds of cell phones.

He specialized in repairing smartphones including Android, iPhone and iPad.

He believes that the shortcut to success in life is by having Consistent and Unlimited High Income Skills!!!

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