What are the tools and equipment you’ll need to set up your own cellphone repair service center?

cellphone repair tools and equipment

In a typical cellphone repair shop there are two main
services we provide to our customers.

They are hardware repair services where in we need to disassemble
the phone and repair or replace the defective component inside
the cellphone.

and the second one is the software repair services where in we
need to hook the cellphone to the computer so we can fix
any software problems or issues which casuses the cellphone to

So what are the tools you need to fix any hardware problems?

Basically here are the list but I’m sure I will miss
some more because every repair problems requires different
tools and equipment…

So lets go!!!

Hardware Repair Tools:

Disassembly tools

a. philip screws set

  1. JK 6032-B New style Screw set
  2. screw set b

b. tweezers
c. pick
d. prying tool (ex. isesamo tool)

Soldering Tools

a. Soldering iron
b. SMD Rework stn.
c. jumper wire
d. soldering lead
e. desoldering wick
f. flux
g. paste
h. soldering stand
i. soldering tip cleaner
j. magnifiying glass
k. microscope

Measuring Tools / Diagnostic Tools

a. Multi -tester
b. Regulated Power Supply

As for the software repair tools, it is used to reprogram, openline or
fix hang, logo or even google lock password

Here are some to the tools you are going to need:


Another thing you need to consider when buying the tool kit from
is the price.

Some can be bought at a very low price and some tools which
performs sophisticated functions are pricy.

So it will depends on your budget and type of service you are
going to offer in the market.

Not all of the tools and equipments I mentioned here are not for long term
use, why? because the technology of cellphone is ever evolving,
what seems to be working now will be obselete tomorrow…

Which means that if you invest in this kind of business,
you’ll never run of services you can offer to your clients…

Which means you have many opportunities in making money
repairing cellphones…

About Your Instructor:

Engr. Edwin Pineda is known as the most sought after
mobile technician instructor in the mobile repair industry.

He has helped people increase their income on the side
or start their own business repairing cellphones.

He is a licensed Electronics and Communication Engineer (ECE)
and has more than 10 years of experience repairing all kinds of cell phones.

He specialized in repairing smartphones including Android, iPhone and iPad.

He believes that the shortcut to success in life is by having
Consistent and Unlimited High Income Skills!!!

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