What is the best microscope for SMD soldering?

best microscope for smd soldering

Are you looking for the best microscopes for smd soldering?  Great! In this post I will share to you microscopes for electronics inspection and microsoldering as well.

Before we go to the top microscope for soldering, I will share to you what I’m using before in my

Cellphone repair shop and why I bought those microscopes.

I started my cell phone repair  business in 2006.  During that time the Nokia brand was at the top.  

I fix cell phones most of the time nokia and other multi brands.

Nokia motherboard compared to the ones out of the market today has almost the same

Parts and components the only difference is the sizes of the components is bigger

during that time.

As android came into the Marketplace including iPhones , there are changes in the

Motherboard circuitry and that includes the sizes of the electronics components.

Before I could fix the motherboard with just using my eyes. 

magnifying lamp

As the components getting smaller and parts as well repairing get tougher for me. maybe 

because of aging LOL..

My first inspection and microscope (like)  tool that time was a

magnifying lamp.  Now it’s only recommend for

Diy soldering.

Then after that I bought digital cheap microscope for 

Soldering which I attach to a computer to get

The image.

And next I bought a binocular microscope.  This kind of microscope has

Only two zoom options are 20x and 40x.  It’s hard to use as you can’t adjust

The scope to the distance you want when soldering.

The next one I bought was binocular with continuous zoom, this one I recommend

If you are on a tight budget and want to start a career in 

Repairing Cell Phones.

Finally I bought a trinocular microscope.  It’s like a binocular microscope

But now has a camera that you can attach to a TV or

Monitor using HdMI connection.

Newest microscope you want to buy as of this writing is RF4 microscope,

I have not buy or used it buy I see good reviews from expert

Cellphone technician from using it.

Now technology is getting better every year,  mobile technicians

are like doctors, smartphone doctors because

They need a sophisticated tools to fix


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