Online Cell Phone Repair Training [FAQ]

cell phone repair online course

This post will be about our cellphone repair course online
just in case you live far away from my repair school.

Would you like to be a mobile technician?

Having this kind of business or maybe a sideline income like this can do great
things for you and your family.

Whether you want to save for the future of your kids education.

Or maybe starting your family.

This business can be very lucrative and can be a good source of your
sideline income.

You can make it also your primary income just like what I
did when I left my 9-5 job.

Without further ado let’s start now:

Question # 1 Who am I?

I think this is a great question because even I myself always ask this
question when I’m buying a product or service.

I want to know if the person can really help me get started to what I needed
to do.

I believe this is what you want to know becasue you want to invest your hard
earned money for a great cause and not just to waste it for nothing.

Answer #1

Hi! My name is Edwin Pineda and I help people who wants to start their own business or make extra income repairing cellphones. I live here in Blumentritt Sta Cruz Manila Philippines.

I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

I pass my licensure exam in Year 2000.

I have more or less 10 years experience in the business of cellphone servicing.

You can learn more of me in my about page.

Question #2 What You will learn in our online cell phone repair course?

In repairing cellphones there is always two sides of it.  First is hardware repair and the second one is software repair.

These two can go hand in hand.

But, these two can be independent to each other as well.

What I mean is you can repair phone without doing anything about its software just fixing only the

hardware part of it.

Also you can fix a phone by simply reparing the software problem and not doing anything about its


Also there’s a problem where you should fix the hardware and the software of the cellphone before it

worked in a normal condtion again.

My advice is that you should be expert in both skills. Hardware repair and software repair.

Because there will come a time in your shop when you will receive only software problem.

If you are only good at hardware then you are losing a lot of opportunities making money because you

didn’t hone your skills in software repair.

Sometimes you will receive only hardware repair and because you are only good in software repair you

will pass the chance of making money again because you are not ready to fix any hardware trouble of any cellphones.

So being expert in both hardware and software is an advantage to you.

Question #3 How can I start my cell phone repair course online?

I believe that that people who invest their time and or money will have much success in this training.

It does not only gauge their firm belief about this training but it also tells that they have burning desire to succeed in everything they think and do.

So for this online training, there will be a minimum investment of P5,000.00 which can be deposited through Metrobank, Gcash or Paymaya.

If you have a goal in your life, someone to help with the money that you will earn when you are already a mobile technician or maybe you are saving for the future of your family then go for it.

Start your training now.

Send me a pm through our fan page if you are ready and willing to start your cell phone repair training online or contact me anytime to get you started right away.

If you have pay-pal account you can enroll right away in our cell phone repair school online with a few clicks of a button.

cell phone repair school online

97$ (For a limited time only)

If you have some questions just leave a comment below this post so we can add it to this page.

Anymore questions?

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    1. Kung mag online training ka sir, bibili ka ng mga tools na kailangan mo para makapag practice ka sa sarili mo.

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